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Benelux webinar: "How can regional cooperation boost climate goals?"  

Climate change is a catalyst for pandemics but the Covid19 pandemic is already showing us that we can live more sustainably. To keep that up, we need to invest in a Green Recovery, one that grabs the chances to use more environmentally-friendly, and less polluting, market models, and that uses more sustainable production methods instead of the existing fossil-based industries. The aim? To combat and turn around the negative effects of climate change and extreme weather conditions that are impacting our welfare and wellbeing.  

The European Commission presented its Climate Law Proposal in Spring 2020 – in a follow up of the Green Deal – and upped the ante by proposing a 55% cut in emissions by 2030. China recently announced its own ambitions to achieve zero Co2 emissions by 2060. 

This interactive webinar reviews where we are with our climate ambitions and achievements and explores how we can boost progress by working together. Amongst the topics on the table, we will discuss: 
Can Benelux take the lead in regional climate cooperation and what are the first steps to take?
How do we keep climate goals on the agenda and invest in a climate-oriented economic relaunch?
How can coalition building create solutions to accelerate the transition in the Benelux, Europe and the world?

Benelux webinar: "How can regional cooperation boost climate goals?"  

        Words of welcome by Rudy Huygelen, Deputy Secretary General of the Benelux Union

10:35        Keynote by Marc Vanheukelen 'Hors Classe' Adviser and Ambassador at Large for Climate Diplomacy at the European Union

10:45        Short statements by 
Marcel Beukeboom, Climate Envoy of the Netherlands 
Shang Zhen, legal advisor/counselor at China’s Mission to the EU
Toon Lambrecht, spokesperson for Youth for Climate 

11:10        Discussion with the expert speakers onInternational cooperation to achieve climate goals’ facilitated by independent moderator Katrina Sichel 
11:35        Questions from audience to panelists 

11:50         Conclusions by the moderator

11:55 – 12:00    Wrap up by Rudy Huygelen

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