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This year, you are the creator of your own food waste challenge. You choose which parts of the Digital Food Waste Fest 2.020 you want to join and create a programme that fits your schedule and aspirations to reduce food waste.
Let’s take the fight against food waste together to the next level!

8/12 - 14h-16h - English
How are we currently fighting food waste? How could we do more?
Live from the Food Waste Fest studio, we broadcast keynotes, interviews and a sofa discussion that turn the topic of food waste inside out. Tristram Stuart (author of ‘Waste’), Carolyn Steel (author of ‘Sitopia’), Tom Sukerbuyk (Flanders DC), Victor Dries (Kabinet Zuhal Demir), enVie, Colruyt, Reo Veiling (Auction) lay the foundations of our quest to end food waste together.
Moderator: Elke Markey, FoodWIN vzw


Collaboration and creative thinking are indispensible to stop food waste. The Food Waste Fest offers 7 webinars focused on action at different parts of the food chain.
With new tools and inspirational examples, these food waste missions challenge us to take the fight against food waste to the next level together !

Food hub floor - Is the set-up of a food hub a step into the direction of sustainable food for everyone?
9/12, 9h-9h45 - English
It’s clear that food waste does not belong to the dustbin anymore. But how do we make these (inevitable) losses fit into a sustainable food system? Can a regional food hub unite powers and resources, in which we can process and redistribute food coming from different streams? Can such a food hub be set up in Belgium, and what would it look like?

Organising partners: Herwin, FoodWIN

Agriculture area - What do we know about food losses and wastes on the farm?
9/12, 10h-10h45 - English
Little research has been done on food losses and wastes on the farm in Europe and there are big differences between the various sectors. However, when we want to reduce food losses it is important to have a good idea of the amount at stake, to create awareness and start discussions on how to reduce these losses. In this webinar, recent initiatives to better estimate and measure food losses/wastes on the farm are presented, and discussed how we can use this information to come to action.
Organising Partners: University of Lincoln, ILVO, Food Heroes

Creative innovation course - How can we bring innovative solutions to the market?
9/12, 11h-11h45 – English
As a society we face many food waste challenges: in our households, in distribution, in processing and on the farm. During this webinar you learn more about how to successfully address the challenge of turning food waste and losses into tasty, novel food products.
In the Food Heroes project, farmers with a food waste challenge were linked to the creative industry to develop new solutions in a co-creative way. This resulted in new tasty food products ready for the market. Think of the trimmings of leeks and stalks of oyster mushrooms. Get inspired by these impactful Food Heroes stories and work on developing successful recipes for your food waste challenges.

Organising Partners: Dutch Design Foundation, Food Heroes

Design thinking track - How can we generate innovative ideas for food waste challenges?
9/12, 13h-13h45 - English
Do you have a food waste problem and are you searching for solutions to it?

Co-creative design is a powerful methodology to develop new ideas and to find innovative solutions to a variety of challenges, as well for food waste problems.
In this webinar, Tom Suykerbuyk from Flanders DC guides you through the step by step process of the Food Heroes project. He explains why this way of doing things brings real solutions to the table and creates a broad support base between all stakeholders while doing it.
This webinar explains all necessary phases and the tools you can use to set up your own customised process for tackling your next food waste challenge.

Organising Partners: Flanders DC, Flanders Food, Food Heroes, Innovatiesteunpunt
Cities & municipalities challenge - How can local governments fight food waste?
9/12, 14h-14h45 - Dutch
Cities and municipalities against food waste: ready for the next level?
You are crucial players in the food waste fight. In this interactive webinar, you get inspired by good practices, and find out how to solve food waste in your city or municipality.

Organising Partners: FoodWIN

Campaign corner - How can we organise a good campaign to create awareness around food waste?
9/12, 15h-15h45 - English
Definitely, food waste is on the agenda. Until today only a small group of game changers stick their teeth in this societal challenge. There still is a lot of work to engage a wider audience of retailers and consumers. This webinar will guide you to kickstart your own consumer oriented food waste campaign.

Organising Partners: Goatober, Food Heroes, ZLTO, Too Good To Go
Canteen quarter - Food waste in large kitchens, how can innovators make a change?
9/12, 16h-16h45 - Dutch
In large kitchens, up to 40% of food is lost. A tonne of food costs around 1500 euros, therefore the costs of food waste rise quickly.
Different actors propose different solutions, from measuring to selling surplus. That way, you save money and lower the environmental impact of your catering facility.
Organising Partners: FoodWIN
Together, we can take the food waste fight to the next level. To kick-start connections and collaborations, you can reach out to fellow attendees and organisations in one-on-one discussions. You can register as yourself, and occupy a company booth to represent your organisation.

Prior to the event, we invite you to find a person or organisation you’re interested in meeting and request a timeslot. Your meeting will be confirmed if the other participant approves it.

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